We are a diverse collective comprised of artists, designers, musicians, writers, and many others who have been working together to actively redefine the stale conventions of the traditional art gallery through the radical integration of creative practice, community engagement and unabashed celebration.

The Upper Six Hundreds create their elaborate group shows on virtually no monetary budget. Most materials used are donated, recycled or accumulated waste that society so easily disposes of. The artists meet multiple times a week to plan and erect alternative gallery spaces, which hardly remind you of your traditional art viewing experience. Instead, this collective is driven exclusively by the pure inspiration of allowing people to fully experience art as it is set it free into a space of liberating expression of over-stimulating visuals and sounds. 

The Collective:
Samitra Borhanpour, Daniel Phillips, Justine Serebrin, Lillian Emrani, Fu Paullada, Mehran Azma, Kim Karlsrud, Timothy Casebolt, Betsy Grella, Meg Littler, Abigail Cosio, Robert Lepiz, Jessica Dalva, Giselle Limtao, Jaw Cooper, Jennifer Doran, Donny Phillips, Kaylee Carrington

Guest Artists:
Nigel Sanders, Michael Wayne Estes, Julian Callos, Samuel Michael Casebolt, Shane Quentin, Sam Martin, Samantha Mancino, Jacob Arden McClure, Zach Schoenbaum,
Danielle Buerli, Allison Reimold, Denni Zelikowsky, Christi Johnson, Maya Eslami, Lucia Loiso, Haley Ann Robinson, Matthew Müller, Mika Revell, Mekenzie Schneider, Jenn Romero, Tuna Bora, Daniel Griffin

Score by The Big Bang Halfway
Live Music by COSIO 
More Live Music by Monster Hand

(Not so) Secret Collaborators:
Robert Musgrove, Jeremy Kelley, David Cosio, Julie Mitchell, Mike Fister, Sam Cosio, Douglas Bruso, Jason Battung, Ana Lanuza