Recapturing the Obscurity..

Thanks to all who attended TERRA OBSCURA last Saturday!  The show was a tremendous success!  The collective as well as the artists triumphantly captured the experience of the term Terra Obscura which in literal terms translates to "obscure earth."  Here are some images taken from the evening to give you a little taste of the enchantment that took place that night.

See you all next time, my lovelies.


Sculpture Room

Main Gallery

Mural of Lights!

"Final Flight" Samitra Borhanpour

Light Tunnel

"Terrappetit" Danny Phillips

" Through the Ocean's Door" Maya Eslami
"Curio" JAW Cooper

"The Onus" Nigel Sanders

"Quartz Hunt" Christi Johnson

"John Quincy Adams" Donny Phillips

"8.9" Justine Serebrin

"Host" Jullian Callos

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